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The VeloceventTM Event App

The Enterprise Grade Event App for any Size Event. Velocevent is simple to use, lightweight, and easy to setup.

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What makes the Velocevent Event App unique?

Event size does not matter. The Velocevent Event App allows you to make events smarter and more engaging.

Features we consider to be standard, most other apps offer only at a premium:

Responsive Web Design
Simple On-Boarding with Google Apps
Create Personal Schedules and Download as iCal
Easily Customizable with Immediate Updates
Native iOS and Android Apps
Secure and Scalable Server Platform
Search Event

Simple. Snappy. Secure. Scalable. Snazzy.

We understand that managing all aspects of an event can be overwhelming and extremely time consuming. That is why the Velocevent Event App provides a simple, dynamic and feature rich event app that makes content updates and deployments very easy. We are constantly improving our platform and adding new features (which always come standard) to provide a comprehensive platform that provides intelligent, effortless, and powerful solutions to event management professionals.

The following features and functions are part of what
the Velocevent Event app has to offer:

Velocevent was engineered to import data directly from Google Sheets. Due to this unique function, Velocevent is able to seamlessly import data from applications such as: Salesforce, Eventbrite, Dynamics CRM, Infusionsoft, and so many more. It is a cinch to setup Zapier to populate Google Sheets with new and updated event data automatically and then one-click import that into Velocevent. No copying and pasting required!

We have added a new event reporting feature to our event app. Now you can track attendee activity by day, week, or even month. See how many attendees used chat, how many users took a survey, and much more. The graphical views of the results speaks for themselves!

Now you can create your own polls and surveys from right inside our event planner dashboard! Publish a simple poll and display the ongoing stats as attendees respond. Or you can build a survey with all sorts of questions to track more in depth responses. Attendees get notified once the poll/survey is published!

Build the Exhibitor Map using an uploaded image right from inside our Event Planner dashboard. Easily set coordinates for each exhibitor and watch the changes automatically appear on the mobile apps and event website. Upload Session Location Maps and easily map each session location to a specific map. The next time attendees view a session they can click on the session location to see where it is on the map!

Our Event App makes it so easy to feature a speaker, exhibitor or sponsor on the main event dashboard. All you need to do is click the Featured option, set the number of seconds to display and we take care of the rest.

Going green does not only benefit our environment, but it also makes it much easier to manage and distribute information without the hassles of printing and re-printing.

Attendees can build their own personal session schedules on any browser and device and then sync their schedules their other devices automatically. Schedules can also be exported as iCalendar files into Google Calendar, Mac Calendar or IBM Notes

Attendees can send each other messages from the desktop and mobile web platforms. When an attendee logs in, any waiting messages pop-up and alert is shown in the menu. This is a great way to foster networking among your attendees.

The Velocevent Event App supports all iOS and Android devices natively with a slick mobile app downloadable from the Apple AppStore and Google Play Store. So, whether you have an Android smartphone, an Apple iPad, or any other Android or iOS mobile device, we've got you covered! Most mobile users prefer using native apps over using a mobile web browser. With Velocevent there doesn't have to be a choice since we support all platforms. With the native mobile apps, event content and data can be accessed even when in airplane mode or when there is no or poor connectivity.

The Velocevent Event App is built on top of a very secure and scalable server platform. We understand how important it is to keep your event data safe so we've worked hard to make sure that your data is maintained in a secure environment. Feel confident that your attendees' data will not be compromised and used easily for spamming and other marketing schemes.

Easily find content on any device whether your using the responsive website or the native mobile apps. Search for Exhibitors, Speakers, Sessions, Attendees, Sponsors right from within the app. Try doing that with a paper conference guide!

Our server platform is extremely scalable. We can quickly add servers to our cloud server farm to alleviate heavy and slow response times. Keep your attendees happy with one of the only server solutions that provides the flexibility of almost instant scalability.

We've done our best to make it easy for you, the event professional, to setup the event app quickly and easily all by yourself. With Google Apps integration, simply upload images and other event data right into the event site. It truly doesn't take very long to get your event setup and published for your attendees. Build your exhibitor map, add branding, make instant updates and upload new registration data as it is made available to you from the registration system.

We won't leave you hanging! If you need help we are only an email or phone call away. We strive to provide best-in-class customer support so you can be comfortable knowing that we'll be around to help you get your event online.

Using the native mobile apps for iOS and Android, attendees can schedule sessions, favorite sponsors, interact with the exhibitor map, and much more while offline. Whether traveling on a plane, or on-site with an overloaded wireless connection, attendees can still access vital information making it a perfect replacement for the paper conference guide. Any updates made offline will automatically sync back to our servers once the device is back online again.

Attendee data such as personal schedules, favorites, notes, and much more synchronizes automatically across all platforms. Whether the attendee accesses the Velocevent Event App with a desktop browser from Windows, Mac or Linux, with a mobile web browser from most tablets and smartphones, or using the iOS and Android native mobile apps, the attendee data syncs seamlessly and automatically. Velocevent allows attendees the ability to access their own data using the same attendee account from one or more platforms and devices.

Manage multiple events at the same time. Import data from Google Apps, send notifications, upload images and maps, search attendees, and change event settings for any event right from one easy to use interface.

Publishing news items to the attendee dashboard is simple and intuitive. Use the rich text editor to upload an image and add font effects just like a word processor. Pin important news items to the top so they're never missed. Published news items are automatically pushed to the mobile apps and appear immediately on the event site. Attendees and Delegates can also comment on posted news items.

Our unique implementation of app content and attendee data updates ensures that our event app only pulls and pushes updates when the app is actually being used. No more worry about the battery draining when the app is not in use! This drastically reduces the likelihood that the app will be uninstalled before the event is over.

Velocevent is integrated with Google Apps (Google Sheets and Google Drive) to provide a simple and intuitive on-boarding experience for your event. Easily populate the templates provided by us in Google Sheets, upload banners, logos, photos, collateral, and other images etc.. for your exhibitors, sponsors, attendees, speakers and sessions into Google Drive and then let us take care of the rest. With a click of a button your content and images are uploaded into the event app and then pushed to the mobile apps. It couldn't be easier and more fun to get your content into the event website and mobile apps!

Add your favorite social feeds to the event dashboard. Currently Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn are supported with Velocevent.

Attendees can set favorites, add notes for Sessions, Speakers, other Attendees, Exhibitors and Sponsors. They can also mark which Exhibitors were visited. All this data also syncs across all platforms.

Velocevent supports the most device platforms of any event app including all desktops, tablets and smartphones without the need for attendees to download our native mobile applications. Our site was designed from the ground up as a responsive site, meaning it automatically adjusts seamlessly to the size of the screen it is being viewed with. This also means that Velocevent supports less popular mobile platforms such as Windows Phone, Blackberry OS, and Kindle Fire by providing access through the mobile website.

Our Velocevent Event App supports multiple session tracks with our most basic version, Launch It. There's no additional cost to have multiple session tracks. Simply add the track name to each Session when uploading the session data and we'll take care of the rest.

Unlike most of our competitors, we offer transparent and up front event app pricing. We don't use the a-la-carte payment model because we find it to be confusing and misleading. We make almost all features standard with our base version, Launch It. Be confident in knowing what your paying for when you purchase our solution!

Attendees receive a unique 8-digit alphanumeric Logon ID to access their Velocevent event app accounts. No email address or separate password is required. If attendees can't locate their Logon ID after the event goes live, we provide a simple self-service function to allow attendees to have their logon IDs emailed to them.

We provide powerful editing and upload tools to allow the event professional to update, remove and add content to the event site with ease. Simple click, edit and save actions, rich text editors for content editing, and intuitive file upload tools make your job that much easier. All updates automatically publish to the website and push out the mobile native apps for immediate viewing by attendees even after the event has gone live.

Use the Velocevent Event App to easily upload and manage lists for Attendees, Exhibitors, Speakers, Sponsors and Sessions. Updates are immediately updated on the website and pushed out to the mobile apps.

Attach session collateral such as PDF, PPT and ZIP files to each session for attendees to download before, during and after the event. Session presentation downloads save on paper, allow immediate updates by speakers and improve the attendee's overall event experience.

Our flexible Velocevent server platforms allows us to provide the following server options as part of the Customize It™ version:

Standard Cloud Only Solution
On-Premise Only Solution
Mixed Hybrid Cloud and On-Premise Solution

An On-Premise server keeps your event data located on-site at the venue so attendees don't need to access the venue's Internet connection to sync and update the app, which can often be overloaded and very slow. The Hybrid option brings you the best of both worlds: Cloud and On-Premise as an integrated solution. This option not only provides inherent redundancy, but allows the attendee to connect and sync whether on-site or outside the event venue.

We’ve got your solution for any size event.

Session Presentation Collateral

Seamless Social Integration

World Class Customer Support

Attendee Networking and Chat

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An Event App that lets you enjoy your event.

Get involved with your audience to the fullest potential with the Velocevent Event App, and create meaningful and engaging experiences. With the use of multidimensional tools and features, you are virtually guaranteed a high level of attendee satisfaction.

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Pricing Plan

We know how crucial your budget is. That’s why we offer
different packages for different needs:

Launch It™

Features other Event Apps charge extra for come standard with this base version

Brand It™

Includes all Launch It™ version features plus fully branded iOS and Android native apps

Customize It™

Tailored pricing to include special server features and customizations of the Brand It™ version

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