10 Simple Steps to Build an Event App

In this article we will examine the steps needed to build an Event App on The Velocevent platform. The platform will do all of the heavy lifting for you, so by following these simple steps you will be able to build and publish an app for your event on the same day. If your event consists of less than 100 guests, you can use our Launch It package! It’s free and no credit card is required.

What do we need to start?

Event branding: It’s important that your users can easily recognize your event in the app, you want all of the icons to display your logo, and all of the headers to display your banners.

Venue: This way attendees will be able to find your event using Google Maps.

Sponsor information: Show your sponsors how much you value all of their support by making sure all of your guests have easy access to their information in any device.

Speaker/Exhibitor information: The app for your event should have all of its speaker’s information, plus the location on an exhibitor map, so users can find any session they may like to attend. Velocevent will build this map automatically.

Attendee list: The most important part of your event are the people that are going to enjoy it. We keep our contact information on Infusionsoft but we noticed that migrating all of those contacts to the app’s database for a large event could be annoying. So, we decided to implement a feature that allows you to upload and update all of the relevant information from a Google Sheets file.

Social Media information: It’s important that your app allows easy access to your social media channels. Link your event to your Facebook page, a Twitter hashtag, or to your Instagram account.

Color Palette: A crucial part of the branding is the color palette of your event, choose carefully.


Once you have all the information you need for your event, you can start building your app



Step 1: Name, Activation, and Registration

Start with the basic set up: a name description and the event email. This email will be the subject to all of the notifications Velocevent will send to your guests.

If you’re using any of our premium packages, just insert your key here to upgrade your event app.



Step 2: Set Venue Location and Dates

It’s crucial that your attendees can find your venue in time for your event. Velocevent will automatically sync the location of your venue with Google Maps.



Step 3: Social Media

Integrate social media feed right on your app dashboard

Whatever industry you’re in, chances are you’re promoting it on social media. If you want to take full advantage of your social media strategy you need to make it easy for your guests to participate. Velocevent integrates social media feeds in your app dashboard making it very simple for your participants to share your event.



Step 4: Colors

Here you can customize your app to use the corporate colors. You can make it easier for your attendees to relate your app to your event by customizing it to match your branding.



Step 5: Icons

User Friendly Icons

Your event app should have an easy to navigate interface. Using icons instead of plain text will make your app more user-friendly.

You can upload custom icons to match your event tone and audience, or choose from our standard icons.



Step 6: Scheduling and Location Capacity Tracking

One of the most important aspects of any event app is making it easier for attendees to interact with your content. In this section, you can choose specific settings to allow your guests to create custom agendas.



Step 7: Ratings and Feedback Settings

Allowing your viewers to rate the different exhibits and lectures will be very helpful to other attendees.



Step 8: Maps, Logos, and Locations

This is where you’ll upload the logo and main banner for your event.

Then you have the option of uploading the exhibitor map and agenda locations. Velocevent will automatically set up a dynamic exhibitor map so your attendees can find any of your exhibits.



Step 9: Speaker Photo Collage Settings

Velocevent will automatically build a speaker photo collage, you just need to choose your favorite layout.



Step 10: Miscellaneous Settings

Finally, we have some specific settings about the general details of your app and organization.


That’s it, by this point your event app is ready to go live!

Don’t overthink it, making changes to a published app is as simple as updating Google Sheets. If you still have any doubts, please request a free demonstration. Just fill out the form and we will contact you as soon as possible.




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