5 Perks of using Google Drive to manage your contacts

One of the most important elements of event planning is managing your contacts. You will most likely run into many different issues with almost every system out there. At Velocevent, we have found many perks to using Google Drive as our main Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. If you want your contact list to remain consistent across different platforms while retaining control over your data,  keeping your team in sync with advanced sharing features, and automatically populating your Velocevent Event App, then read on.



1. Keep your lists consistent across all platforms

Platforms such as Zapier will help you automatically populate Google Sheets. You can learn how in this article “7 Simple Steps to Automate Adding New Attendees from Eventbrite to Velocevent”. This way your main list will receive every new contact in real time and you can forget about manually updating your contact list.

Besides compatibility with all mainstream platforms, Google Sheets will also allow you to download your contact list as a .CSV or .TSV file so you can easily import your list anywhere.

2. Keep your team in Sync

Google Drive is a cloud-based platform, this means that your entire team can access your event’s information from different devices at the same time. Google Drive features a straightforward way to compartmentalize your information and lets you control who is seeing your data. Choose who can watch, edit and manage different folders or individual files.

3. Re-use data from previous events

If you’re an Event PRO, you’ll most like plan more than one event a year. Reusing your data is very useful when the same speakers are attending multiple events and/or when you have multiple events occurring at the same venue. Avoid unnecessary work!

4. You Velocevent App works with Google Drive

If you’re already using Google Apps to manage your event data, then linking that data so that it automatically fills in the Velocevent Google Sheets is very simple to do. Just follow these “10 Simple Steps to Build an Event App“.

5. Your data will be in safe hands

Neither you nor your attendees should have to worry about personal information, Google’s advanced security will keep all your data safe. Keeping your data on Google Cloud is a great way to protect your information with constant access to it.

Finally, using Google Drive as your main CRM will make your event planning easier and it’s free! We’re are always looking for new ways to improve the event experience for planners and attendees alike. If you want to be the first to learn about our findings subscribe to our mailing list below.