7 Simple Steps to Automate Adding New Attendees from EventBrite to Velocevent

In this article, we will show you step-by-step how to create a new “Zap” (Zapier Action) that will automatically add any new attendees from your Eventbrite dashboard to the Velocevent Persons Google Sheet. This means you will no longer need to manually update your guest list on your Velocevent Event App and you can manage all of your data in one place. Remember you can use integrations to automatically populate a Google Sheet and keep your EventBrite attendee registrations in sync with the Velocevent Event App.

What you’ll need

– Zapier account (Free)

– Eventbrite account (Free)

– A Live Eventbrite Event

– Google account (Free)


Step One: Live on Eventbrite

Once your event site is live on Eventbrite, you need at least one test contact which Zapier will use to ‘fetch’ the attendee’s information so you can build your Google Sheet integration. We recommend you register yourself as the test contact so you get copies of everything you’re sending to your attendees.

Not using Eventbrite to manage attendees?

Note that also integrates with,, and many other popular CRM and Cloud Registration platforms, so if you’re using a different registration system this information will still be useful. Look for your favorite platform here. If you find it, remember to include a test contact on your list and go ahead to step 2.


Step Two: Find the right “Integration”

You won’t need to start your Zap from scratch. Creating new rows on a Sheet from newly registered Eventbrite (or other supported platform) attendees is a popular zap integration. Once you find it on their site you can start setting things up.


Step Three: Connecting to Eventbrite

Zapier will request permission to access your Eventbrite account. After you approve, you’ll need to select the Live event you want to populate your sheet from. At this point, Zapier will fetch the test contact from the selected Live Event. This is a good opportunity to see how much data Zapier can retrieve for you.

Depending on the source, Zapier can automatically populate your attendee list with additional contact information. The fetched test contact will have all the available information, so go through it and decide which fields are important for your event. Then, just confirm and move on to the next step.


Step Four: Formatting your Sheet

The first row of your Sheet has the headers that you’ll want to link to the Zapier fields. Please note that the FirstName, LastName and Email fields are mandatory for Velocevent so make sure that at least those fields are linked.

The next row needs a test attendee, just like in Step One. This should be consistent with the information you want in each column. For example, if you want to populate the company name of the attendee then make sure those fields are also linked.


Step Five: Connecting with Sheets

Next, Zapier will need access to your Google account so it can connect to your event’s Velocevent Persons Google Sheet.  Once you approve the access to your Google account, then you’ll need to select the Velocevent Persons Google Sheet for your event and the default worksheet you want to be populated. If everything went well in Step Four, the headers you selected will appear. Then you just need to link them to the appropriate fields in the Sheet.


Step Six: Testing the Zap

Now that the template is ready, the next step is testing. Zapier will automatically create a new row with the information from the latest attendee. If something goes wrong then you can always go back to the template, fix it, and try the process again.


Step Seven: Go Live

Once everything is to your liking (i.e. all of the Sheet columns are being populated with the correct data,) confirm the Zap, and take it live. Zapier will check your Eventbrite account every few minutes for new attendees to be automatically added to your Sheet.

Sit back and watch as your Velocevent Persons Google Sheet is automatically populated by new attendees as they register for your event.  


Please Note:  If you create the Zap after you have already registered attendees for your event, then you will need to manually update your Velocevent Persons Google Sheet with that attendee data to ensure every attendee gets added to the Velocevent Event App.  Zaps only work for newly registered attendees once the Zap goes live.