enhance your corporate event

How to enhance your corporate event using a mobile app

Velocevent Event App is custom made to help you enhance the experience of your corporate event with features that simplify the planning, keep attendees informed, and bring attention to your sponsors and speakers. Every level of the corporate event experience can be heightened with an event app, the question is, how do you do it?

Simplify the planning

Google Apps Onboarding

Velocevent is integrated with Google Apps (Google Sheets and Google Drive) to provide a simple yet intuitive onboarding experience for your event. You can easily populate the templates provided by us on Google Sheets, as well as upload banners, logos, photos, collateral, other images, and more. Learn about these “5 Perks of using Google Drive to manage your contacts.”

Now that you have all of the information for your event on your app, it will be a lot easier to communicate with your attendees. You can direct them to your event’s highlights with just a few clicks.

Agenda location management

track capacity

High demand sessions happening in rooms with limited space can be a pain for planners and attendees alike. You can customize your event app to track agenda event seating capacity, letting interested attendees know when the session is at capacity and even add them to a waitlist.

Check the appropriate boxes while setting up your event app and you can forget about space capacity. You can warn users if the session they want to register for is over and choose to enable or disable: Agenda Location Capacity Tracking, Waitlists for Agenda Events, and scheduling in conflicting time slots.

Keep Attendees Informed

Exhibitor Map

By using an event app, your attendees will always know how to get where they want to go. You can build the Exhibitor Map using an uploaded image right from inside of our Event Planner dashboard. Easily set up the coordinates for each exhibitor and watch the changes automatically appear on the mobile apps and event website. Upload Session Location Maps and link each session location to a specific map. The next time your Attendee view a session they can click on its location to see where the meeting is on the map!

Publish Real Time News

Publishing news items to the attendee dashboard is simple and intuitive. Use the rich text editor to upload an image and add font effects just like a word processor. You can also pin important news items to the top so they’re never missed.

Published news items are automatically pushed to the mobile apps and immediately appear on the event site. attendees and Delegates can also comment on posted news items.

Bring attention to your sponsors and speakers

Feature a speaker, exhibitor or sponsor


Your event app makes important information about your sponsors and speakers available to your attendees. You can also give them additional notice with badges or even feature a speaker, exhibitor or sponsor on the main event dashboard.

All you need to do is click the Featured option, set the number of seconds to display, and we take care of the rest.

Attach Collateral files to sessions

You can attach session collaterals such as PDF, PPT and ZIP files to each session for attendees to download before, during, and after the event. Session presentation downloads are available in any device, allow immediate updates by speakers, and improve the visitor’s overall event experience.

collateral files

These are just some of the ways an event app can enhance the overall experience of a corporate event. For more information about building your event’s app read “10 Simple Steps to Build an Event App

For more information about the features of Velocevent Event App visit our site.