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How to manage sessions like a PRO with your event app

Sessions (aka Agenda Events) are a fundamental part of the corporate event experience. Most attendees come to your event in anticipation of taking part in specific seminars, Q&As, and all the engaging content you prepared for them. Now, if your PR department did a good job and your event is packed, then your next challenge is making it easy as possible for your attendees to add sessions to their personal schedules and then finding the session rooms once they are on-site. An event app can make this whole process much simpler for attendees.  In an ideal world, the event app would also provide options to add session maps, handle seating capacity tracking automatically and allow you to manage sessions in conflicting time slots on the event schedule.

Read on to learn how the Velocevent Event App can do all of the above and so much more. With just a few clicks, you will be managing your agenda events (sessions) like a PRO.


Add Session locations to your Event Maps

event map for mobile app

A picture means a thousand words.  In this case, those pictures are maps of your venue so participants know where the session rooms are located.  When attendees are rushing from one session to the next, you don’t want them getting lost or heading towards the wrong session room.  That’s why maps of your venue are so important. Open the event app and click on the details for your next session in your schedule to find a link to a map showing you exactly where the session room is located.

After you upload your event map to the Velocevent Event App, you will have the option to add location pointers for each specific session. You can type the exact coordinates or simply click the right spot on the map to automatically add a pointer. The best part is that the maps will automatically be available on all of your users’ devices, making it a cinch for them to find their way.

What if the agenda event occurs outside your venue? We’ve got you covered. The Velocevent Event App will let you add links to google maps with the locations for your tours, dinners, or any sessions occurring outside your event venue.


What if the session is already over?

event session over

If an attendee finds out about a session late, he might waste a bunch of valuable time trying to find it just to learn it’s already over. You can avoid this by using an event app.

You can choose how the Velocevent Event App will handle attendees trying to register for sessions that have already passed. You can just pop up a warning message so they know the session is already over, or you can completely disable allowing attendees to add past sessions to their schedules.


Track the seating capacity of your agenda (session) locations

In most cases, the rooms of your venue will have seating capacity limits per fire marshall regulations. This can be an issue for popular sessions. You might want to set up a registration system for your sessions, or even waitlists for your viewers. With the Velocevent Event App, this can be done in just a few clicks.

When applying agenda location capacity tracking on the Velocevent Event App, you’ll be able to set seating capacity for all your event’s sessions. This will allow users to reserve a seat for a session or get a warning if the session is full when registering for an agenda event. You also have the option to enable waitlisting so that guests can automatically be added to a waitlist for a specific session if said session is full.  See more about this directly below.


No more seats available? How about a waitlist?

event waitlists

Let’s say the seating capacity of an agenda event is full and there are still attendees trying to register, you have two options: 1) You can just let them know that the session is full; or 2) You can let them join a waitlist. If any registered users decide to unregister from a full session with a waitlist, then the first attendee on the waitlist will automatically be added to the newly available seat and receive a notification.


What if multiple sessions are happening at the same time?

When hosting a big event, it’s likely some of your agenda events will be scheduled in the same or conflicting time slots. In order to avoid confusion, your event app should warn participants that they’re already registered for another session at that same time. In some cases, you might want to consider denying multiple registrations in conflicting time slots altogether.

When using the Velocevent Event App, if your event doesn’t track seating capacity and you would like to give your guests extra flexibility when creating their personal schedules, you can allow them to register for two or more sessions happening in conflicting time slots. On the other hand, if you’d rather have more accurate metrics about who went to which session, you should choose the option to warn the users about the scheduling conflict and allow them to choose which session to keep on their schedule.


Add Collateral to your Session

If your event features sessions with presentations that you want to be made available to your audience, then you can upload presentations to make them available to participants from any of their devices. With the Velocevent Event App you can easily add collateral files to give your attendees all the support they need to get the most out of their sessions.


Star Ratings

star rating

Star ratings enhance the social experience of your event by letting users share instant feedback on your sessions. You can enable agenda event ratings on the Velocevent Event App and choose if you would like to display the average rating in real time. This won’t just let you know how your content is actually doing, it will also let participants recommend their favorite sessions to others. 


Organize groups of sessions by type, track, and level

First of all, it’s always a good idea to divide your sessions up by type and/or track. Types might include Keynote, Meal, Networking Event, Training, etc… If your offering agenda events that go well together, it’s great to group them into tracks. That way, your attendees will be able to find related sessions easily. Now, if you’re catering to attendees with different levels of expertise you should mark your sessions accordingly. Setting your sessions as beginner, intermediate, and expert will help everybody have a better experience at your event.

The Velocevent Event App will let you organize your agenda events on different types, tracks, and levels. All you need to do is add your custom groups while setting up your event app. Before importing your sessions you can set these values very simply ahead of time. In the event dashboard UI you can also select from dropdown lists available when you edit an imported agenda event.  Dropdowns t will let you set the type, track, and level of an agenda event. Once you set that up, your attendees will be able to more easily make decisions about which events they should be attending your conference.


Get more attention for your sponsors

If your attendees have all the relevant information for each session on your mobile event app, that should include information about your sponsors too. They play a big role in your event, so it’s always good to show your appreciation by giving them more exposure. Your app should allow you to feature sponsors on all your sessions and agenda events in general. Your sponsors will also appreciate a link to their site, so your attendees can learn more about them.

The Velocevent Event App will let you add a sponsor name to each of your agenda events. You can also add a session URL which is at a great place to display your sponsor’s link. You can even set a custom icon image for the session which could easily be the sponsor’s own logo.


Auto-schedule cornerstone sessions

In many cases, there may be events in your event’s schedule that you want all of your attendees to attend.  These could be keynote sessions, special lunch, and dinners, or even the main party. If you’re using the Velocevent Event App, you can enable specific events to be added automatically to the schedule of all attendees. That way you can be sure that everyone attends your cornerstone agenda events.

These are just some of the features Velocevent Event Apps has to offer. If you’d like to learn about all our features please visit our site.

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